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Cannabidiol (CBD)



Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the components of the cannabis plant. It has significant medical benefits and is non-psychoactive, it does not make a person "high" or "stoned".


CBD works by suppressing the breakdown of endocannabinoids thereby increasing the amount of the body's natural occurring endocannabinoids at the receptor site. CBD also stimulates the release of another neuromodulator that in turn activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors.


CBD or cannabidiol is another active phytocannabinoid product. This compound does not have psychoactive properties. Studies have suggested a wide range of therapeutic effects on several conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral ischemia (decreased blood flow to the brain), diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases, nausea and cancer. Studies have also shown that CBD possesses anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-epileptic, brain-protective, anti-spasmodic, antibacterial and bone stimulating properties. It has also been found to have analgesic (pain reducing) properties.


CBD is legal to use and has numerous health benefits as the receptors it activates are located in the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and immune system. Because of this, CBD is being used for things such as:


  •      Analgesia (pain control)
  •     Combats inflammation
  •     Suppresses seizure activity
  •     Combats Anxiety and Depression
  •     Combats PTSD
  •     Anti-tumor / cancer properties
  •     Reduces Irritable Bowel Syndrome


 It is good for: stress / anxiety relief, helps with cognitive function, headache relief, nerve pain, muscle aches and pains, gastrointestinal issues.


CBD can be taken alone, or in combination with THC. The reason for combining the two are because they are found this way in nature, and when combined, they produce a more powerful effect to relieve symptoms. CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of the THC.







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